Learner licenses

6 months access


per learner

1 year access


per learner

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    Educators are free

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    No limit on number of courses or content created

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    Licenses grant learners full access to all applicable content.

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    Optional add-ons to level up your implementation.

Planning a large scale implementation?

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    Scale discount pricing

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    Onboarding & implementation options

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    Priority support options

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    Immersive planning and consultation

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Q: Which features come with each plan?

A: All the things, all the time.

There are no teaching feature restrictions in Allele.

We like giving you stuff, not taking it away.

An image showing the phase builder in Allele, building a team-based learning learning exercise

Active learning in a box.
Made easy.

Full feature suite for pedagogies such as case-based, team-based, problem-based learning.

An image showing the Live dashboard in Allele, where learner progress can be viewed in real time

Powerful teaching tools for any type of class.

No matter how you conduct your class, you’ll have the tools you need. Manage course flow, assess analytics, and more.

An image showing two screen shots of Allele, showing how you can pair multiple pedagogies together

Specialized features to support complex learning.

Integrated tools such as clinical and diagnostic reasoning, 3D molecule inspection, and automated expert responses.

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You can configure your plan and pay when you’re ready to teach students.

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You'll be sent a link to join and try Allele at absolutely no cost.


Getting Started

I'm an educator, how do I get started?

Simply sign up for a free account and start creating. You can click on the “Try it for free” button at the very top of the page. You will only need to pay for learner licenses once you're ready to start getting them engaged.

I'm not sure which plan is right for me. What should I do?

We can help you think through your options, you can Contact Us here.

More generally, consider the type of teaching environment you have. Are you in a university setting where you have students engaged almost year-round? You’ll probably want 12 month licenses. Are you teaching a few professional development sessions

I'd like to do a trial run, what should I pick?

To get your pilot started, first start by creating your free account. Get your content created then simply add learner licenses that best fit your need (6 vs. 12 months).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us.

Plans and Licenses

What does each Learner license get me?

Learner licenses grant a learner (student, continuing education professional, etc.) access to any and all Allele content where you’ve given them access. The learner will be able to access all of this for the time duration of the selected license (6 or 12 months).

Does Allele offer enterprise subscriptions?

Absolutely! If you are planning to do a large-scale implementation of Allele, please Contact Us for discount pricing, onboarding and training options, enhanced support options, and more.

What options exist for support?

All users have access to Allele's system documentation that includes reference material, how-to's, tutorials, and more. That can be found by visiting: our documentation website

Additionally, faculty and staff have access to Allele's technical support team through e-mail at support@allele.io

For users that want enhanced levels of support whether that is quickly response SLAs, or more immersive training and support, please Contact Us to learn more.


How do I know if I need to purchase Allele?

If you are a student: Your teacher likely notified you that you would be using Allele and need to purchase a license. Your teacher will send you an e-mail invite to Allele. After creating an account, if you click on any of the available courses, you will be prompted to select and pay for your license.

If you are an educator: You only need to pay for Allele if you plan to teach students. Authoring you content in Allele is completely free.

  • If you plan to have students pay, simply deploy your course and invite students using the roster. Students will be prompted to purchase a license when they attempt to access your content.
  • If you plan on paying yourself, or doing organization-pay, please Contact Us to get your paid account established. After this is complete, you can invite students to your material and they will not be prompted to purchase licenses.
Can I pay instead of my students?

Absolutely. Purchasing options exist whether you are an individual instructor wanting to purchase on behalf of your students, or are facilitating payment on behalf of a university, or industry group.

Please Contact Us for additional information on purchasing and procurement.