Active learning for your classroom, workshop, or entire program

Simplify your implementation of teaching methods like case, problem, and team-based learning. An online, collaborative environment where your students can work together on any instruction you build.

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Real-time collaboration for teachers & students

Teach more. Manage less.

  • Everything you design in Allele will work with your teams of students, both real-time and asychronously.

  • Bring anyone you need to help you create your content. Everything in Allele's authoring tool is real-time, too. Perfect for individual teachers, but scales effortlessly through teams of instructional designers.

  • Seamlessly transition between modalities. Supports online, face-to-face, and any blend of teaching.

  • Pedagogically sound templates that streamline the building process for experienced faculty and jump-start the process for new faculty.

  • Copy all your modules to a new course, term, or section at the click of a button.

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Hand-picked examples, just for you

See how Allele looks from the perspective of a student. These examples highlight some great uses of Allele, including: a team-based learning module, a diagnostic case study, and a train-the-trainer course design workshop.

Team-based learning (TBL)

See an example TBL module that includes:

  • Meaningful prework
  • iRAT
  • tRAT
  • 4S application exercise
  • Peer evaluation
See example -->

Case-based learning, clinical simulations

See an example that shows a student approach an ill-structured problem that uses formative feedback from a subject matter expert to keep the students on the right track.

See example -->

Train-the-trainer, course design workshop

Part of a workshop series that is designed to train new faculty members on how to best plan, conceptualize, and design their first course. Touches on concepts like backwards design, Y, and Z.

See example -->

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No cost for you and all your collaborators, subject matter experts, teaching assistants, and anyone else you need to build your instruction.


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We only charge when you deliver your content to your students.

$15 per course

If you’re looking at Allele for your curriculum or program, get in touch and we can tailor you a best-fit plan.

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Expanded support and features are available, including:

  • Customized onboarding
  • LTI integration into your LMS
  • Organizational permissions for instructional design teams
  • Organizational branding for content
  • Priority support via email
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